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Simply browse through the products and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button beside the product. You may select as many products

as you require before going to the ‘Checkout’ area .

You will receive an email confirmation of your order and an email advising delivery details.



We accept payment by the following methods :

  • Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
  • Direct Deposit – we will email you our bank details on confirmation of your order.
  • PayPal - you will be taken to the PayPal site to enter your details.                      



We will arrange delivery. Charges are calculated on the weight and/or volume of your order and your delivery address. When you

 reach the‘Checkout’ you will see your delivery charges.  Goods will generally be shipped the day following the

receipt of your order. 



The Rigging Shop only allows limited returns of product where there has been a problem with the goods received. No refunds

will be made due to incorrect sizing, or colour, or incorrect parts being ordered.

We will consider a refund or exchange if you send us an email with a formal request and this may be subject to a restocking fee.


Privacy Policy

The Rigging Shop acknowledges that privacy is very important to you and that you should control your private information.

All payment data is handled using third party processing.

Private information is not shared with any other party, any information we might use is to communicate with you or to

 improve our website.



The Rigging Shop processes credit card payments using the ‘E Way Payment Gateway’ system which complies with the

standards set by thePayment Card Industry.


Safety Information

All products sold by The Rigging Shop are sold with the express understanding that the purchaser is thoroughly familiar with the

correct application and safe use.

Use all productsproperly, in a safe manner and for the application for which they were intended.

REMEMBER: Any product may break if abused, misused or overused. Any well-designed and well-built product can become

 hazardous in the hands of a careless user.


Regular Inspections

The Rigging Shop recommends that before use, all lifting / safety equipment be inspected for any sign of wear or damage.



 WLL (Working Load Limit)  :  Working Load limit is the maximum load which should ever be applied to a product .


Products using the terms below means that the product has been tested to point of failure. Ensure that you apply the

appropriate safety factor for the intended use.

Check on your local standards, as the ratio varies from country to country and by its intended use.

                                                                        TDL (Tested Deformation Load) :

                                                                        Tested Deformation Load is the load at which the product starts to deform


                                                                        BL (Breaking Load) :

                                                                        Breaking Load is the load at which the product would break.


                                                                        UDL BL (Uniformly Distributed Load Breaking Load) :

                                                                        Uniformly Distributed Load Breaking Load is the breaking load of the shackle when the load is applied

                                                                         across the full span of the shackle pin.


                                                                        PLBL (Point Load Breaking Load) :

                                                                        Point Load Breaking Load is the breaking load of the shackle when the load is only applied at the centre

                                                                        or one side of the shackle pin.