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Tools and Supplies 

  1.  Replacement Hot Knife Blade

    Replacement Hot Knife Blade

    Cost $20.35 each Hot Knife Replacement Blade will suit Bainbridge Hot knife as well as others. Learn More
  2. Bainbridge Hot Knife

    Bainbridge Hot Knife

    Cost $159.50 each Bainbridge handheld hot knife rope cutter. Learn More
  3. Croc Grip

    Croc Grip

    Cost $5.85 each The Croc Grip is a strong multi-purpose clip that gives you an extra hand when you need it. Designed and Manufactured in Australia. Learn More
  4. Harken Ratchet Pulley

    Harken Ratchet Pulley

    Harken® Hexaratchets® grip loaded sheets with up to 8:1 holding power, yet allow line to be eased instantly with complete control. Cost $333.85 Learn More
  5. Super Ratchet Podger

    Super Ratchet Podger

    An industry classic, made in Japan Learn More
  6. Super Ratchet Podger Holster

    Super Ratchet Podger Holster

    Super Ratchet Podger Holster. Learn More