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Ronstan Series 40 Utility

Ronstan Series 40 Utility

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Ronstan Series 40 Ball Bearing Block Single Universal Head RF40100 Sailboat

Sheaves running on Acetal or Torlon ball bearings provide high performance & low friction. The 2-stage ball bearing system provides consistent performance over the full load range.Captive Lock universal head can be fixed in either of two planes or free to swivel as required.


  • Low friction Acetal or Torlon bearing system
  • Lightweight
  • Cheek cut-outs for easy bearing maintenance
  • Captive Lock universal head
  • Slotted pin shackle eliminates fouled lines

  • Mainsheet
  • Halyard
  • Vang
  • Spinnaker control lines on off-the-beach catamarans one design classes and sportsboats up to 8M(26')

  • U.V. Stabilized Acetal sheaves
  • Acetal ball bearings
  • Impact and U.V. resistant fiber reinforced Nylon cheeks
  • Grade 316 St Steel load strap and head fitting

Sheave Ø: 40mm(1-9/16")
Max. Rope Ø: 10mm(7/16")
Pin Ø: 5mm(3/16")
M.W.L.: 350kg(770lbs)
B. L.: 1,000kg(2,200lbs)
Weight: 70g(2.5oz)


Ronstan Series 40 Ball Bearing Block Single Universal Head with Becket RF40110 Sailboat

Series 40 BB Single block with becket

Pulley diameter: 40mm
Maximum line diameter: 10mm
Pin diameter: 5mm
Maximum working load: 350kg
Breaking load: 1000kg
Weight: 79g

Reinforced grips in nylon fiber
Structure in stainless steel

40 series
A series of blocks for various uses, thanks to the high quality they guarantee a good duration over time.
Widely used for control lines, main halyards, cunninghams, vangs, spinnakers on sailing dinghies, catamarans and cabin cruisers.
The balls placed on a double line greatly reduce friction, making sliding easier.

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