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  • Kinesys

    Elevation System - Variable speed chain hoist and trolley control system.
    DigiHoist System - is a fixed speed digital system for chain hoists with safety group functionality which has been created to be a flexible, configurable, next generation control solution.
  • Liftket

    STAGENATION is a leader in the entertainment world and offers a wide product range for lifting solutions for almost any stage application. 
  • Broadweigh

    Designed to aid rigging professionals on a daily basis, the wireless load cell shackles office, simple, real time, effective and accurate monitoring.

Black Industrial Rigging Equipment

The sophisticated black look exudes professionalism and quality, making a strong impression in any industrial setting.
Transform your lifting operations with our top-tier black industrial rigging gear. Engineered for strength, reliability, and style, our equipment stands out with a sleek black finish that offers more than just aesthetics.
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Global Truss

"Reach New Heights: Transform Your Stage with Global Truss – The Ultimate Solution for Dynamic Entertainment Setups!"
The Rigging Shop offers black powder coated truss and/or accessories to match your venue, concert or customer requirements.
We use AzkoNobel Interpon powder coating, a durable powder coating designed to meet the specific needs of the industrial markets. The Interpon TC range of powder coatings feature higher transfer efficiency, excellent coverage and high levels of damage resistance.
WE CAN SUPPLY YOUR TRUSS IN BLACK POWDER COAT COLOUR! Simply nominate the Black Powder Coated Colour for your next project and TRS will do the rest.
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"From Strength to Safety: Discover How Shackles Reinforce Your Rigging Work with Confidence!"
When attempting to identify the capacity and quality of a shackle, the markings found will be dependent on the age and type of the shackle. The grades of shackles used in lifting applications are in in general similar to those gradings in chains.
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Hot Knife Handle, R blade and Wire brush.

Hot Knife Kit

"Cutting Made Effortless: Dive into Efficiency with Our Electric Hot Knife Kit – The Ultimate Tool for Seamless Precision in Rope, Webbing, Sail Cloth, Awnings, and Filter Cloth!
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Ronstan Blocks

"Smooth Sailing Ahead: Navigate the Waves with Confidence Using Ronstan Blocks – The Ultimate Companion for Recreational Sailing Adventures!"
Awesome blocks for every purpose. Utility Blocks are an ideal match for the needs of everyday recreational sailing. They are designed for low-maintenance reliability and offer a choice of sheave/ bearing configuration depending on their intended use.
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Lifting Point

"Quick and simple assembly, just a tapped hole is required".
Digital Chip embedded with Certificate for serial traceability. Manufactured from alloy steel, quenched and tampered. Tested in accordance with EN1677-1 and proof tested to 2.5 times the Working Load Limit.
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Squid Tool Lanyard

During a workday, avoid the risk of tools slipping and causing potential danger by using a tool lanyard. This essential accessory serves as a lifeline for your tools and enhances safety on the job site.
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About The Rigging Shop

The Rigging Shop has been created by industry professionals to supply superior products and services at very competitive prices to customers across a wide variety of industries.
In addition to our online store, The Rigging Shop can supply detailed quotes and prices for venue services, equipment, industrial / commercial products, architectural, marine equipment, installations and fit outs.