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Kwik Loc Clamps

Kwik Loc Clamps

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The Rize Kwik Loc cable lock is a quick and dependable solution to suspend fluorescent lighting, HIDs, sound systems, cable trays, fan units, or seismic bracing. Cable locks should only be utilized for static load situations.

  • Cable locks are a quick, sturdy, and lightweight method for hanging electrical and mechanical services.
  • When compared to typical hanging methods, its time-saving capabilities have been demonstrated to enhance output by up to six times.
  • Installation does not necessitate any specialised knowledge.
  • Cable locks combine the strength of high tensile wire rope with the durability of metal alloys and stainless steel.
  • The installer can place the hangers upright or at an angle to the hanging object.
  • The Kwik Loc system is compact. It is lightweight and decreases the risk of damage from inadvertent material drops during aerial installations.

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