Collection: BROADWEIGH

Broadweigh is a portable modular wireless weighing system offering real-time load monitoring for a wide variety of rigging applications without the need for cabling.
Broadweigh enables users to know precise loads on any given point thereby ensuring structures and rigging points are balanced and within safe working loads.
A user-friendly wireless Handheld Telemetry Display provides load monitoring of any Broadweigh Shackles. In addition, a PC interface can be used to view and log multiple inputs on a single screen via the use of the Broadweigh Log100 Software and USB Base Station.
Design to aid rigging professionals on a daily basis, the Broadweigh wireless load cell shackles offer simple, real-time, effective and accurate load monitoring. It allows users to know the precise loads on any given rigging point, guy wire or hoist in a rigging system. This valuable data enables the rigger to safely distribute weigh for indeterminate loads, roof structures and mother-grids as well as indicate alarms to avoid overload situations.
The Broadweigh Shackles is a bow shackle with load pin and integrated electronics which features the following:
  • Available in 4-3/4 tonne or 3-1/4 tonne WLL options.
  • Up to 800m line of sight wireless transmission range.
  • IP67.
  • 5:1 safety factor.
  • Low rigging profile of 70mm or 130mm with Twistlink.
  • 2000hr battery life at transmission 1 per second.
  • Smart sleep function to preserve battery life when not needed.
  • Accuracy of ±1% of current load or 25kg, whichever is the greater value (When using original bobbin or Twistlink. There may be a reduction in accuracy if these are swapped).
Shackles must be correctly selected for the specific application required. As well as safe working load, physical size and fitment with other components needs to be considered.