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Broadweigh Wireless Handheld Display

Broadweigh Wireless Handheld Display

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The BW-HR wireless handheld telemetry device provides an 8-digit LCD reading from an unlimited number of BroadWeigh shackles (either BW-S325 or BW-S475 versions) and also can display readings from the BW-WSS Wind speed anemometer.

   ● Wireless handheld display

   ● Reads data from any shackle in range

   ● Sleep / Wake function

   ● Local and remote battery and signal indicators

   ● Fully weatherised (IP65)

   ● Contact us for more information or view product sheet
The scroll button on the handheld telemetry device
  is used to view any shackles or anemometers in range. The shackle / anemometer with the strongest signal strength, and therefore nearest the BW-HR handheld, will be the first to be displayed. The ID tag of the shackle / anemometer is shown on the screen before it displays the reading. Other shackles / anemometers are displayed in order of signal strength with any new shackles  / anemometers introduced later added on the end. These ID tags can be renamed to suit individual requirements as long as the tag follows a four digit hexadecimal format.

With simple wireless configuration and calibration the licence free 2.4GHz Broadweigh Wireless Handheld Display (BW-HR) uses direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio telemetry technology. This provides high integrity, error free communications and are FCC, ETSI and IC approved.

Broadweigh Wireless Handheld Display BW-HR is powered by a pair of standard alkaline AA batteries and is configured using free BW-Toolkit software which runs on a PC connected to a BW base station. 

 Application Example:

 The technical staff of a well-known theatre in the UK wanted to monitor the loads imposed on the house grid by visiting productions. With a diverse range of incoming shows and fast turn-around times between shows, fast and simple deployment is paramount to effectively gather load data without interfering with the production’s setup process.

The Solution:
Using a kit of 4 x Wireless BroadWeigh shackles (BW-S325) and a BW-HR Wireless Handheld Display / reader the production manager is able to quickly assess distribution of load imposed be a productions setup as it is being suspended. After installing the shackles into the grid and then simply turning on the BW-HR wireless handheld the BroadWeigh shackles are instantly brought to life providing live readings of the rigging and the load it supports.

Once the rigging is complete and the loads approved by the venue technical staff, the shackles can remain in situ for the duration of the production providing the ability for periodic checks as required via the wireless telemetry system.


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