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Broadweigh Wireless Load Shackle 3.25T

Broadweigh Wireless Load Shackle 3.25T

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Mantracourt’s expertise in wireless telemetry has been combined with the high quality and industry-renowned Crosby shackle.

The BroadWeigh™ Crosby Load Cell Shackle features a high accuracy, precision engineered, load-pin and integrated electronics. This allows load monitoring without the need for time consuming and costly cabling.

Built to withstand the demands of varying environments and weather, the BroadWeigh Load Cell shackle is also equipped with a load centralising bobbin as standard.

   ● Easy to use

   ● Crosby shackle with integrated electronics available in two capacities:

       4 ¾ tonne (BW-S475) and 3 ¼ tonne (BW-S325) - view dimensions

   ● 5:1 safety factor

   ● Typical accuracy ±1% of current load or ±25 Kg, whichever is greater

   ● Zero Trim Loss

   ● Optional 100 channel software

   ● Fully weatherised, IP65 Rated

   ● Dimensions with electronics 125 x 125 x 74 mm

   ● For more information or view product sheet

Designed to aid rigging professionals on a daily basis, the BroadWeigh Wireless Crosby Load Cell shackles offer simple, real-time, effective and accurate load monitoring.  It allows users to know the precise loads on any given rigging point, guywire or hoist in a rigging system. This valuable data enables the rigger to safely distribute weight for indeterminate loads, roof structures, mother-grids as well as indicate alarms to avoid rigging component overload situations.

Measurement of static weights, peak loads and weight shifting due to equipment movements can now be used to increase accuracy of rigging plot data as well as improve safety during both installation and operation.

A user-friendly, wireless handheld provides load monitoring at your finger tips within 200 metres of any load cell shackle. Knowing the loads on a rigging assembly not only offers peace of mind, it also helps avoid overloads which can lead to costly accidents.

The BroadWeigh Load Cell shackle performance really shines when used with the BW-LOG100 logging and monitoring software. This innovative application facilitates a real-time monitoring system with simultaneous displays of load cell data presented as graphics on a visual backdrop of a rigging plot, photograph or diagram. This display features “drag and drop” placement of customisable readouts, warnings, rigging icons and user definable “buttons” to toggle between pages, reset alarms etc. The user can use PDF, jpeg or other files as a background for the display which offers the advantage of a more intuitive and accurate response to the management of multiple and often interacting loads.


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