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Skylotec Aluminium Screw Gate Carabiner H-137-SC

Skylotec Aluminium Screw Gate Carabiner H-137-SC

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Available in Grey or Orange Body

The standard HMS carabiner from the new
SKYLOTEC hardware collection.It is designed for various applications in mountain sport.
The safety mark shows whether the carabiner is correctly closed.

  • Art. no.: H-137-SC
  • EAN: 4030281141341
  • Breaking load, major axis: 22 kN
  • Breaking load, minor axis: 10 kN
  • Breaking load, open: 7 kN
  • E-class number: 40-02-01-05
  • Customs no.: 76169990
  • Carabiner type: SC
  • Standard: EN 12275-H:1998, EN 362-B:2004
  • Internat. standard: UIAA 121
  • Internat. cert. body: UIAA OFFICE

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