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White Block Chalk

White Block Chalk

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Leviathan Block Chalk, 24 Sticks per box.

Chalk is a traditional product that has been used since 2000 BC. 

Chalk quality is important in the industrial market.

The Garnet industrial user market is time and cost focused, and demands a chalk that does not crumble, marks well, and does not deteriorate in humidity or poor environmental conditions.

Garnet chalk has been manufactured to a formula that ensures it:

  1. Is dense
  2. Maintains its consistency and structure
  3. Delivers an efficient and effective marking result on every use. 

The major advantages of this product are:

  1. Durable and easy to store.  Garnet chalks are cost effective to the last inch of use. 
  2. Block format that enables the product to be delivered without breakage, and yet provides the convenience of portion control for the end user.  You can use sections of it, as and when you need to, without wasting chalk. 
  3. Great, vivid white colour that enhances visual recognition, so necessary for accuracy and production recognition purposes.
  4. Easily removed from surfaces when required, without leaving surface residue.  Not a permanent marker, but an effective one.

Chalks are used in roadworks, agribusiness, welding, landscaping and a variety of other industries.

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